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We've made a lamp for jangerben, for his birthday.
It turned into a 60cm high andon, 15cm long and wide. Inside, we glued three pieces of plexiglass, so that we got four compartments of 15 x 15 x 15 cm -- but those are hidden from view by the rice paper on the outside.
On the bottom of each of these compartments, we glued a small circuit of a red, green and blue LED (the bright, wide-angle LEDs), which we hooked up to the old and trusted 16F628A. Via a twelve-channel PWM, we get lots of different colors -- it is, in essence, the same circuit and software as the one we made for my dad.
We had to add an extra diffusion screen in the form of an additional layer of rice paper -- that does take away a fair bit of light, but since jangerben's house is pretty dark anway, that's not much of a problem.

It turned out quite nice. It's an appealing object when it's off, and the four stacked compartments make for a nice surprise when it's turned on.

klik has a photoshoot over in her Journal.
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