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Nixie clock schematic

A colleague of mine commented on the microcontroller I had lying around on my desk -- turns out that he knows a few things about electronics. During one lunch, I asked him whether he could look over my PCB layout -- to catch the obvious errors. He protested that he didn't know much about it, but he did know someone who might be inclined to help me out.
After lunch, I showed him my progress so far, and he called his father. Turns out his father is a retired engineer who used to design the PCBs in Philips televisions. He agreed to look my designs over, so I sent my stuff over to him.

With his comments, I started all over and routed everything by hand. And this is how it turned out:

10 transistors less (because they'll never be used anyway). No more straight corners. Traces are 20mil wide, and have at least 20mil clearance to other traces. I'm pretty pleased with this -- and it got the OK from the expert as well!

On with the driver schematic and PCB!
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