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Finished series: Grenadier

We've finished watching Grenadier. My first episode review is here.

Rushuna is a markswoman who has been sent on a voyage by Tenshi, the ruler of the kingdom. Tenshi taught Rushuna how to wield a pistol -- but the highest technique on the battlefield is to take away the enemy's will to fight. Rushuna is travelling in order to practice this technique. But that doesn't mean Rushuna is defenseless: she is a crack shot with her pistol: disarming her opponents, special pistol techniques, dodging bullets...
She teams up with a ronin, Yajiro. She saved him earlier when gunmen pursued him after wounding him, and he wants to see how Rushuna's tactics work out.

It turns out that Tenshi seems to have changed her mind: she has put a price on Rushuna's head, and every gun-toting bandit is now after them! Tenshi doesn't seem to be the peaceful type anymore, sending her own special forces after Rushuna, led by the mysterious Joker...
Only when Rushuna and Yajiro and Mikan (a balloon artist...) make their way to the capital, they learn that there is a conspiracy around Tenshi -- and they are the only ones who can put things right!

The series is amusing, but only that. It's not meant to be taken seriously -- don't expect a life-changing event to occur from watching this series.
It's also quite heavy on the fanservice. Rushuna is busty, and she does have a tendency to get her clothes torn into pieces during a fight (during one fight, her panties are shot off her butt by a cannon!). She also masters the elusive 'reload your pistol by bouncing six bullets up in the air with your boobs' technique... Coupled with the bathing obsession she has, and you're in for a lot of fanservice -- though none of it vulgar or too explicit.
It's a good thing the series is only 12 episodes long: by the time the ending rolled by, I was getting bored with it.

Good points:
- Fun;
- Fanservicey -- but not in a bad way;
Bad points:
- Flimsy story.

In the end, an amusing way to spend 6 hours, but not more than that. A 6.5.
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