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I have been tagged by both muri_san and sol_nuada to post a list of five 'weird habits' I have. So here goes:

- I can't stand it when I can't figure something out. This also means that, even when I am not actively working on a problem, my subconscious mind is still mulling things over. I can wake up knowing the solution to an engineering problem, while still being stumped by it when I went to sleep.
- When I think, or when I am tired, I tend to stroke my beard.
- I get easily distracted when I am not 'in the flow'.
- From one phase in my life to the next, I tend to lose touch with the people I associated with in the previous phase. There are a few exceptions to this rule, though.
- I like reading, but I haven't read a single book all year. Perhaps this is because reading is not an intelectually stimulating activity: all you need is imagination. For programming or an electronics project, you need imagination, creativity, knowledge and motor skills. I feel more challenged when doing an electronics project than when I am reading.

According to the rules, I should tag five other people to do this. But I won't -- I'm such a rebel!

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