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There are always traffic jams in front of the bridge near our house -- so they decided they needed a tunnel instead. Months of hard work ensued, and one day when I am at the office, someone says that today is the opening of the tunnel. The bridge had been demolished while I was at work, so I would have to get back by tunnel.
So I drive up to the tunnel -- the approach is by 4-lane highway, and we have to drive on the left-hand side of the road. Just before the tunnel terminal, there's a huge Ericsson factory that has its own highway exit.
You have to pay a toll (a few euros) to get through the tunnel with your car, so I left my car at the huge car park in front of the tunnel and walked to the train station. A train runs through the tunnel, carrying cyclists and pedestrians. It's really close to our home and the train is much cheaper than the toll, so I decide to leave our car at the other end of the tunnel and go on by foot.
The terminal itself is huge and completely covered by small, square, rust-brown tiles. It's all very modern: completely made of concrete and all curved surfaces. Yes, even the walkway is curved. I keep falling down, having trouble to maintain my balance. Finally I reach the escalator and enter the train station itself.
This is a huge cavernous expanse, with lots of corridors. There are no signs anywhere, but at every corner there is a little stall selling stuff to eat.

Then I wake up.

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