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Zappa plays Zappa

Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa are musicians, just like their father was. And they're on tour with "Zappa plays Zappa" -- a series of tribute concerts.
Now, I do enjoy the works of Frank Zappa, but not all of it. Some of Frank's stuff is very complicated and undoubtedly very hard to play -- but I don't like it. I'm more interested in the melodious stuff he did with the Mothers of Invention: work like that appeared on Apostrophe/Overnite Sensation, or such as can be heard on (most of) YCDTOSA volume 1.
'Music' such as found on Zappa Guitar just isn't my thing -- even though it is undoubtedly a product of genius.

As such, the phrase 'the most challenging repertoire ever conceived for a Rock & Roll stage' worries me: would I enjoy this concert? Flo and Eddie will be present (or so it is rumoured -- but this is apparently false) which would be a good sign. And on the Mojo message boards someone says 'that they are going to do a lot from the sixties and seventies period' (which is quoted from a Billboard interview with Dweezil).

There are some speculations about the setlist here, though it is known that no two gigs will have the same setlist. The page about the concert in Essen says that songs from 'Freak Out', 'Sheik Yer Bouti' and 'Apostrophe' are on the setlists....

Decisions, decisions...
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