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Another day, another LED clock

We ran across a photo frame in a particular style: black and half-round. It would fit quite well in klik's parents' home, so we decided to make a binary LED clock for them.

The controller logic. The face-plate is a plate of anodised aluminium.

The frame upright. We glued everything together with gobs of hot glue.
You can see how the front of the frame is curved, and if you look well you can make out the two buttons at the top.

The front. The curve of the frame is almost invisible here, but it's there. The buttons are both black, to blend in with the frame.

Their living room is pretty dark, so if we would have used the bright LEDs their whole living would light up considerably. And so we opted for red low-light LEDs. This also means that the clock has to be placed at roughly eye-level to make the most of the light, but I don't think that will be a problem.

klik did most of the work on this project, by the way. The soldering took some getting used to, but a quick re-soldering session of a few select joints fixed all the mishaps.
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