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Finished series: Kurau, Phantom Memory

We've finished watching Kurau: Phantom Memory. My first episode review is here.

Kurau lives in the 21st century. We have free energy, flying cars, small personal mecha, space elevators and colonies on the moon. The GPO is some sort of global police/world government, which has been formed after a large war fifty years ago.
Kurau's father works at a laboratory, researching a new type of energy: Rynax energy. When her father takes her to work on her birthday, an accident happens and Kurau is hit with a beam of Rynax energy. She dissapears but is reconstituted -- but the Rynax is now inside her, having taken over her consciousness.

Rynax are creatures from a parallel dimension, and they draw their energy from that world -- which means Kurau has turned into a super girl: she can't be wounded, she can fly, she can move through solid objects...
However, Rynax come it pairs -- and Kurau is alone, searching for her 'pair'...
Fast-forward ten years, Kurau has started living on her own, and works as an 'agent' -- basically a private detective/hired muscle. She uses her powers to get out of tight spots -- she is always successful. She does keep looking for her pair, and one evening her pair (whom she calls 'Christmas') materialises 'out of her'.

Then the trouble starts, because the GPO gets wind of her existance. 'Rynasapiens' are classified as dangerous subjects because of the powers they possess, and a GPO unit is tasked with her capture (and Christmas'!)
And starts a wild goose chase that spans the whole world and the moon. Bit by bit, the nefarious plans of the GPO are uncovered, and in the end Kurau must protect Christmas and Earth from both the Rynax and the machinations of the GPO.

The plot is a bit meandering, but for once that didn't bother me much. We are taking on a wild goose chase across the whole of the world and the moon -- which means we get a very good idea of what the world in 2100 is like. And it is a very, very interesting place where high-tech is coupled with the slow and simple life of a village that primarily exists from fishing.
The characterisations are pretty good: none of the characters we encounter (and the cast is quite large) is a caricature, but has believable motivations. There are no true 'bad guys', simply people who believe or want different things than others.
The animation is very fluid and detailed -- almost on par with an OVA even though it is a 26 episode TV series.
The music is beautiful, ranging from the two-step intro song to the Kate Bush-like ending theme. The in-series music is often a variation on either the opening or closing theme.

Good points:
- Very interesting world;
- Great animation;
- Great characters;
- Nice music.
Bad points:
- Plot tends to meander quite a bit.

All in all, a 8.5.
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