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Finished series: Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

We've finished watching Tsukuyomi Moon Phase. My first episode review is here.

Kouhei, a photographer, always captures ghosts and spirits on film, even though he can't see them himself, or even be affected by them. This makes him the ideal photographer for a magazine on supernatural phenomenon. On assignment, he has to take photos of the German castle 'Schwarzquelle'. While taking some shots of the exterior, he sees a girl sitting on the roof.
The next day, he is sent inside (because he is so insensitive to ghosts that he can step through the barrier with no problems) to take some pictures. There he meets Hazuki, the girl he saw the other night. She turns out to be a vampire, and she bites him in order to make him her servant. Unfortunately for her, Kouhei is also immune for the bite of vampires... Eventually he sets her free, and she finds her way to his house in Japan. She starts to live together with Kouhei and his grandfather.

Hazuki is pretty brattish -- if you are used to be able to dominate the people around you in to doing your bidding, you're not used to people saying 'no' to you. And then her father ('the King of Vampires') sends his minions after her to catch her.
These are: Elfriede (who also bites Kouhei and is 'liberated' from her master because he is the 'Vampire Lover'), Count Kinkel, and Hazuki's sister and assorted companions. Meanwhile grandfather, Elfriede and Kouhei fight to protect Hazuki from the attackers, with their various abilities to aid them.
The fights are not animated. We see some flashes, a few stills of the surroundings and a lot of talking -- we don't see the fight itself. Perhaps the creators would rather spend their budget on designing new and cute outfits for Hazuki rather than showing what is happening in the plot. The incessant cat-ears get stale after a few episodes, and when even torii are fitted with the things, it just gets a little sickening.
There's not much of a resolution either: in the end there is the implied threat of more bad guys that Hazuki's dad would throw at them. I guess the manga just went on for quite a bit.

Tsukuyomi is what you get when you couple the Japanese national lolita complex with the fixation on cuteness and the recent 'gothic' trend: a cute vampire girl who wears cat ears. And that is, pretty much, the main attractiong of the series. And it's not even executed very well: the makers couldn't decide if they wanted to make her scary or cute, so she is something in between with a lot of brattish behaviour thrown in the mix too.

In the end, it's just not that good. Even the opening theme by Dimitri from Paris couldn't save it.

Good things:
- Great opening theme.
Bad things:
- Fights are not animated;
- Not much of a resolution;
- Main character is an irritating brat;
- After watching this, cat ears make me sick.

Yeah, I don't think we'll be re-watching this one ever again. A 5.
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