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Soldering and DCF

Yesterday, I found a notice from the mailman in our letterbox: he had tried to deliver a package, but (of course) no-one was at home at the moment he made his rounds. The package had been re-routed to the post office (it was an ensured package, so I had to sign for it), where I could collect it.
Luckily, I work close by the post office in question. Also, it is open until 18:00 on weekdays, which makes it possible for me to get my stuff without having to take time off from work to do so. Unfortunately, this morning I forgot to take the notice with me, so I had to cycle back home and to the post office after work -- but since I also live close by my place of work, this wasn't an unsurmountable problem.

The package contained the Aoyue 936 soldering station I had ordered through a group buy. For only 41 euros, I got the soldering station and two spare tips, sent to my home! It heats up more quickly than the soldering iron I used previously, it is anti-static (static discharges may damage active components!) and you can set the temperature. The iron holder is easy to work with, and safer.
I am very satisfied with my purchase. :)

I needed something to test it out on, of course. I had one of the DCF77 modules unpacked, and I wanted to test it out. After a bit of soldering (and finding out what an 'NPN open collector output' means), I managed to get a LED blinking according to the signal. And it worked! Software to decode the signal with the PIC will follow, this'll have to do for today.
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