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Working through the to-do list

Remember this list? Probably not, but I did.
I went back to the list because I can now scratch one more thing off that list: I managed to interface a PIC with an LCD screen. I used the routines from here, but it took me quite some time to get it all to work. Until I read on another page that the LCD's own internal power-up reset sequence took 15 ms, and I built in a delay of 15ms before communicating with the LCD -- then it all worked flawlessly. Took me two evenings to get everything working, which isn't too bad for something completely new.

It is a pity that it takes 7 data lines to communicate with the LCD -- using up pretty much every single pin of a Port! Using shift registers, that can be remedied, which might come in handy. Alternatively, there's a small graphical LCD which can be controlled via I2C which only costs 2 euros at one of my regular shops...

Back to the list from so long ago:
- Learn how to work with an LCD;
- Finish the MACH F display;
- Make the USB-to-RS232 kit;
- Do something fun with the 8x8 LED display;
- Make the scrolling text display for S.;
- Make the large RGB installation (with 3 x 3 x 4 bright LEDs!);
- Make an 8 x 8 x 8 LED 3D display cube;
- Make an MP3 player;
- Learn how to design and manufacture PCBs;
- Make the Speye-Cube;
- Finish the ghetto EEPROM programmer;
- Learn how to emulate a keyboard with a PIC;
- Make software for designing RGB color sequences;
- Learn how to etch circuit boards;
- Make a binary LED clock for my dad.

I think I'll combine a few of the things: I need the ghetto EEPROM programmer to put the color cycles from the designing software into a memory chip. And I need to make a few of these, so why not use that to try and etch my own PCBs?
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