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Raising kids to be good, mindless consumers

Half of all children aged four don't know their own name - but two thirds of three-year-olds can recognise the McDonald's golden arches.

Apparently, big brands are quite effective in wriggling themselves into the consciousness of kids -- and associate themselves with positive imagery. Some companies actively recruit marketeers who know everything about 'Pester Power' -- the tactics kids use to get their parents to buy the products they want.

The article goes on a tangent about obesity and marketing, but that is not the most interesting point of the article. Apparently, mass media is so important to kids these days, that the kids think the mass media messages are judged to be more important than the messages they receive from their parents.

Think about that. Are we really allowing television to raise our kids for us? Is the pressure to have kids and a carreer that big on parents that they have no time to properly teach their kids to make informed choices?
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