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Mushishi: Mushi are etherial life-forms, some sort of mystical proto-life force. The series is about a collector of mushi. In the first episode, he encounters a boy with 'the left hand of god': anything he draws with his left hand comes alive. Through his knowledge of Mushi, the man is able to help the boy reunite with his grandmother, and all is well in the forest once again.
The mushi are almost Kodama-like, and the visuals of the forest evoked visions of Princess Mononoke. Lushly animated and slow-paced, this series is like Tastics but with mushi instead of youkai.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: It's about dogs. No human in sight, just dogs. A young pup rescues a new-found friend by using some weird shuriken-like attack, which tips off an old three-legged dog that he is the son of the Leader! They name him Weed ([insert stoner joke here]) and take off on their epic journey to the valley of the Leader!

Cluster Edge: Steam-punkish world, with lots of flying machines and what seems to be a civil war going on. A bumpkin travels on a train, and encounters a student of noble birth, but then he has to take off to save a pilot who is being pursued by the military!
Doesn't make much sense from the first episode alone, but there is probably a plot somewhere. Looks gorgeous.

Capeta: a young boy (nicknamed Capeta) basically lives alone. His mother died and his father is always away for work as part of a road construction crew. Capeta does like cars a lot, and when his dad has a job on a kart-racing track, he manages to acquire an old frame and third-hand parts...
A sports anime, about karts, featuring a pre-teen boy. What's more to say about it?

Animal Yokocho: When Ami-chan's family moves into a new house, she meets three animals (who look like stuffed animals). They live in 'Animal Alley', a place where all sorts of animals live -- and it is situated under a trapdoor in Ami-chan's room! Lots of weird play on words, and the animals are constantly trying to play Ami-chan as a fool or doing stuff she doesn't want them to do. A bit un-funny, this one.
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