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After some furious phonecalling, I managed to combine two events on our busy social calendar for this weekend into one! First there was 'Geekfest the Boardgame Edition II' which usmu had organised. Then there was the Spellenspektakel ('Games Spectacular') to which babarage wanted to go together.
Since cynni had made other plans for saturday, having forgotten about the Geekfest meet because of her offline-ness, that left only usmu, klik and me. So I called usmu, and he liked the idea of coming to Eindhoven to the Spellenspektakel with us!

We were a little late because of various much needed detours, but babarage had already found usmu through our description of him and they were awaiting our arrival anxiously.
We had a lot of fun, though this year the event seemed a bit more muted than previous years -- I can't exactly pinpoint it, but babarage agreed with me. It was fun hanging out with usmu, getting a few games explained, shopping for the more obscure stuff and, of course, acquiring quite a bit of lewt in the process. It was 17:30 when we left the premises, and a good time was had by all.

Most weird game: Sudoku, the Board Game.
Best find: Tsuro, a beautiful zen-themed tile-laying game.
Impulse buy: Flandern 1302.
Obligatory RPG buy (no Spellenspektakel is complete without one, though Fantasy Encounter's selection was rather pityful this year): Engel.
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