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Finished series: Fantastic Children

We've finished watching Fantastic Children. My first episode review is here.

Fantastic Children is about a group of children ('Belfort's Children') who get reincarnated every hundred years. After being reborn, they gather together again to search for someone -- someone to whom they have a connection, but who doesn't know they are looking for her. However, they have to be quick about it, because they lose their memories once they turn twelve...
Fantastic Children is also about Toma, who encounters the orphan Helga. Helga has visions of a strange place, which she is searching for. This gets her into trouble multiple times with the director of the orphanage.

That is how it starts out. The story does get pretty complex, though, with multiple storylines intertwining.
Basically, the Belfort Children are scientists from the planet of Greece. During an emergency on their home planet, they sent the spirit of their princess to the Earth's 'Zone' -- basically the human world of the dead. With their technology, they can recover her spirit and send it back to Greece's Zone. No, they can't send her back into her body, because that has been turned into a weapon and the king's evil brother wants to use her to overthrow the king.
Confused? You will be. At least at the beginning of the series, when it isn't clear how all the storylines connect. Slowly but surely, things get together, but it takes a long time before all the pieces are in place.
The middle of the series shows the events on Greece that led up to princess Tina's spirit being sent off to the Earth, which is actually the most interesting part of the series.

Good points:
- Uses names of Dutch cities on the maps! How cool is that?
- Interesting premise;
- Middle part of the series is good enough to be a series in itself;
- Beautiful music;
- Exciting conclusion.
Bad points:
- Takes a lot of time to pick up speed;
- Quite confusing at times;
- The fact that the middle part of a series is actually the best part should tell you something...

Ultimately, it's an interesting series, but only if you can keep all of the plot lines untangled. I'll give it a 7.
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