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exar asks questions

1. What's you favourite Animal?
The Capibara, the largest rodent in the world (about as big as a large dog). They look pretty cuddly and calm, I like that.

2. What's your favourite song (or soundtrack theme)?
Hmmm, tough one, especially since my tastes seem to change over time. But ever since I heard the ending theme of the Escaflowne movie, I think it's that one: Yubiwa, with vocals by Maaya Sakamoto. I've been impressed with her vocal talents ever since we started watching the Escaflowne TV series (in which she plays the role of Hitomi, the female lead -- she was aged 16 then). I've listened to more of her songs, and I'm really impressed with how her voice has matured over the years. All of her albums are produced by Yoko Kanno, who writes some great music.

3. What's your favourite poem?
Hmmm, I must confess I do not read a lot of poetry. I tend to like haiku, because while it is short, it evokes a vivid and immediate image and emotion. There's not one favourite poem that sticks out in my mind, though.

(I should be working on my homework from the writing course, and I should prepare tomorrow's Continuum session, but hey...)

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