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Isn't Pentecost the day that King Arthur's Round Table assembled? Then some weird knight-type-person shows up and kills a few/challenges them to a quest/whatever, right?

We've visited my parents this weekend. Paula and Hans and Joep were there as well -- it's been only a few weeks (my grandmother's cremation) since we saw them, but it was fun to see them again none the less. Joep was his usual charming self (he seemed to be intrigued by my beard, where he didn't pay it much attention before), and we played a lot of games with Paula and Hans (3 times Cartagena, Ingeborg won all three, 1 time Machiavelli ('Citadels' in the US), which Ingeborg won again (even though she said she wasn't very good at it), and 2 times Pueblo, which we got from Bob, Noor and Linda.)

Pueblo is an intriguing game: the first time we played it, it was a disaster, but the second time we applied much more strategy. The pieces are pretty sturdy and the design is attractive. You should place the game board on a rotating platter though, to make it easier to look at the board from all sides. Definately one we'll be playing more often (and that's saying something from a Ravensburger game).

I took Transhuman Space with me (a birthday present from Ingeborg -- thank you dear!), because I had finished reading Rune almost through. I made good progress too: I read some 100 pages. The world of TS is pretty cool: things have been really thought out (though I would expect Quantum Computing to be practically implemented before 2039), but the usual GURPS number-crunching is mind-numbing. I'm much more of a 'rules-light' GM, and GURPS doesn't really support that. While I understand that you could hurt yourself in microgravity if you're unused to it, I don't really need rules for it -- I can improvise those nicely, thank you very much.
I'll post more on it when I've read it all.

Now we're back home, and I just finished the log for Astrid's Amber game (it's again next weekend). Now I think I'll finish reading Rune.

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