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Rules of Software Engineering also applicable to other fields

"Be prepared to throw the first one away" is one of the rules that I learned through experience. The first model or application that you produce is often a good blueprint, but a bad piece of software. Using the lessons you learned while making the first version of an application, you can proceed to make the application as you and the client intended -- something that would have been harder otherwise.
Fred Brooks also posits this rule in his book 'The Mythical Man-Month' -- the rules of software engineering projects that he formulated and that still hold true.

I have discovered that this rule also holds true for other engineering projects. I've had to toss the first version of the aluminium LED clock, and we've just started the project for my dad from scratch as well. This time, we know what to do and how to do it, and it will be so much neater.
On the other hand, due to a small scheduling crisis, the project has to be finished this weekend instead of next weekend...
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