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Thursday, we had another Continuum session -- the first proper session in nine months! It was hard to get into things again, and to recall what had happened. I had tasked the players with producing a sizable sum of money at the end of the period of the Corner -- between 500.000 and 1.000.000 guilders. Of course, you can't take that much money with you in cash without atracting suspicion, so the characters had to think of a way to invest some of their money (Simon is the richest with 6 million!) in order to 'grow' that capital.
Of course, they had to start their investment portfolio without attracting suspicion either. Simon may be stinking rich, but there is no way a dealer of antique furniture could have amassed that kind of capital in one go -- so he could not just dump his money on the table and kick-start his investments.
Barry and Simon acquired some fix'er'upper houses on the Oranjesingel (meaning I had to decide where in Nijmegen real estate would be worth in excess of 1 million in 2001, and how much that would cost back in 1991), Diederick will start investing in the stock market, and Robin is going to bet on various sporting events.

I am increasingly dissapointed in my ability to run the Continuum campaign smoothly. When someone says: "I'll be spanning all the way up to 2001", all I can think of is saying: "Sure, you do that. Now what?" I can't come up with intersting things that might happen along the way -- assuming that the characters will keep their distance from their juniors spanning upwards. Maybe I, as the GM, am too worried about burdening my own Yet. Or maybe I am thinking too much 3D and not enough 4D -- but I don't know how to remedy that.

I couldn't get the players to roleplay out the setting up of their investment portfolios. Sure, it's not heroic or anything, but it is a very important excercise. This morning, when I thought back, I realised that the actuale roleplaying is few and far between. The minutiae of time travel keep us from actually just taking a story and rolling with it.
I wanted to look into Time Combat, but the rules of that are also pretty abstracted, making the characters more like play pieces than actual characters.

I'm starting to lose hope here. Perhaps I should scrap the Continuum campaign and just do something more accessible (and/or linear) like Nobilis or Amber or even straight fantasy.
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