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Spreading the word on anime

Yesterday, a colleague and his girlfriend came over to watch Princess Mononoke.
I know he likes animation, and when Spirited Away was in the Dutch cinemas, I reccommended it to him. He wanted to take his girlfriend to the movie but was unsure whether she would like it -- she didn't care much for the one anime feature she had seen, which was Akira. I reassured him that Spirited Away had an almost universal appeal (this being a Miyazaki movie). Apparently he succeeded in convincing her to give it a try: we saw them in the movie theatre.
After the movie, I was curious to whether she had liked it. It turned out she did. We spent half an hour talking about the various cultural references in the movie and that seemed to deepen her understanding and enjoyment of the movie. So when we told them we had some more Miyazaki movies on DVD, she was very interested to see those (and my colleage was relieved ;).

So yesterday they came over. We stopped the movie occasionally to explain some things (like the historical basis for the tribe of Ashitaka and other details) which they appreciated. They were very impressed with the movie and promised to come back to watch Kiki's Delivery Service some time. I think we've convinced her that there is some really good anime out there as well.

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