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MIDI stuff

klik bought a keyboard. A keyboard with both MIDI input and MIDI output. Today, she also bought a cable with two MIDI plugs on one end (one in, one out) and a 15-pin gameport DIN plug on the other end.
The gameport on the motherboard (a cheap Asrock board) didn't want to do anything with the MIDI signals, but we had an old soundcard lying around that also had the gameport thing. We popped that in her machine, connected the MIDI plugs, did the little driver installation dance, and off we went!

Except not. When we fire up one of the programs that use MIDI, we seem to be able to play stuff from the computer on the keyboard, but we can't record anything from the keyboard to the computer -- even though the device is listed as an input.
The soundcard is based on the ESS 1969 chipset, and yes, we did enable MIDI in the hardware configuration.

Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this?
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