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Corrupt BitTorrent trackers

Everyone who has ever tried to download music from P2P file sharing networks knows that 'someone' (it is a public secret that the RIAA pays people to do this) advertises with MP3 files that contain only static or corrupted sound.

Now the fight has been taken to BitTorrent: BitTorrent listing sites are confronted with corrupt BitTorrent trackers. Of course, they can't corrupt the workings of trackers that are set up with genuine files. Just steer clear of the trackers in this list.

(No, you don't have to be afraid of a lawsuit from the MPAA if they harvested your IP-address from using those trackers -- they can't sue you for downloading stuff they themselves offered for download, now can they? On the other hand, they might keep an eye out for your IP-address in the future...)
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