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LJ Interests meme results

  1. anime:
    I watch an ungodly amount of anime -- even though I don't spend my life in front of the TV. I like anime for the visual styles (though there are ugly anime out there too -- but I don't watch those) and for the more grown-up storytelling.
  2. civilian space program:
    Why should we wait for our governments to put us into space? If we can create cheap(er) rockets, the spin-offs and the returns (cheap sattelites, anyone?) will be enormous.
  3. dama's cuteness:
    Well, she is cute.
  4. fantasy:
    Reality is boring. Give me fantasy any day of the week!
  5. haiku:
    Haiku is such a 'tight' form of poetry. Good haiku expresses a tremendously personal feeling in a very restricted art form -- when it is good, it is really good.
  6. kokoro library:
    My favourite anime series. Slow as tectonic drift, but extremely cute and heartwarming. A shame about episode 13 though -- the series would have ended better at episode 12.
  7. mythology:
    As an atheist, religion somehow fascinate me.
  8. picmicro:
    PIC microcontrollers. Regular readers of my Journal need no further explanation.
  9. rs-232:
    RS232, the serial protocol that comes out of COM-ports. The way to interface the previously mentioned PIC microcontrollers to PCs.
  10. tea:
    I'm a tea snob. Somehow, I have developed a taste for tea, in the same way that others develop a taste for wine. I just can't enjoy a cup of cheap dregs anymore -- I've spoiled myself.

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