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Currently, I'm playing Vagrant Story. Yes, it's an 'old' game, but I never finished it even though I did enjoy playing it. So after MGS2, I dug this one out of the archives, and started it up again!

The game has a leisurely pace (just open up a menu, or the 'combat sphere' and you have all the time you need to make an attack), and I quite like that. What I like considerably less, is the fact that you have to construct your own weapons, given the parts you find (and the parts you gain by disassembling the weapons you find). The workshops where you can do this are few and far between -- so if you enter a dungeon, and at the end of the dungeon find a boss that you need a particular type of weapon for, you have to go back all the way (or revert to a save-game an hour's worth of gaming earlier) in order to create the weapon you need.

Yes, I'm soft-core like that. I'm not ashamed to admit that I consult a walkthrough when I get stuck on a particular monster or room, either. The cool thing about this game, is that there are multiple ways to tackle any monster. And then you start noticing the differences.
IGN's walkthrough advises me to use an edged weapon on the tail of the Wyvern -- but warns me that it will be a hard fight (which I have noticed -- the bastard killed me about ten times now!). But another walkthrough urges me to use a blunt weapon and attack any part of the dragon except the tail -- and tells me that 'the fight won't be as hard'...
I think I know what my next attempt will be like!
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