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MACH F: Where to showcase?

Now that the MACH F has sort-of been finished, I want to show my work to the world. Granted, it's not like I built a computer inside an aquarium, but I do think that the MACH F has some unique properties that make it interesting to the reader.
You see, most mods try to cram as much noise-making and expensive hardware in a LED or CCFL-lit case with lots of windows and stuff like that. The MACH F is nothing like that -- instead, the form follows function and adheres to a strict black/red theme. Add the fact that the whole machine can be controlled via a remote control, and it is a pretty unique self-made HTPC solution, because most HTPCs still rely on a mouse and keyboard for input.

I can create a nice project-log from my Journal entries, so as to inform people of what works and what doesn't, and to show the steps how I got where I am now.

But where? Help me decide!

Where should I showcase the MACH F?

Gathering of Tweakers, one of the largest fora in Europe
EpiaCenter.com, it's based on an EPIA board after all
Mini-ITX.com, for the same reason
Bit-Tech.net, because that is where all the modding pros hang out

(I'm not sure that the MACH F is quirky enough for MiniITX.com to post, though.)
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