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Finished series: Peach Girl

We've finished watching Peach Girl. My first episode review is here.

Adachi Momo ('Momo' means 'Peach', which explains the title) has been on the swimming team for a long time. She has a dark tan and her hair has been bleached, giving her the image of a playgirl -- which she is absolutely not. She has a secret crush on Touji, but she is afraid to confess her love to him because she was told he doesn't like dark-skinned girls.
Her 'friend' Kasihawa Sae is a bit of a manipulative copy-cat, stealing away every good idea Momo has. So when Sae asks Momo whether there is a boy she likes, Momo points at Okayasu Kairi, a playboy who has lots of girls trailing him -- because she fears that Sae would go after Touji if she told the truth.
But Kairi has picked up on this, and starts spreading a rumour about he and Momo kissing, which gets Momo into trouble with three of Kairi's 'groupies'... Momo gets mad at him, and she tells him that she is really in love with Touji -- just when both Sae and Touji are walking by behind the hedge!

This all happens in the first episode. The series has 25 episodes. There is a lot of relationship drama here!

In most relationship drama anime (like Marmalade Boy), the cast tends to 'explode' over time: just as the show's main couple have managed to get their immediate troubles worked out, a supporting character gets into relationship trouble, etc etc. Not so with Peach Girl: over time, a few characters are added to the cast, but most of the dealings don't require the introduction of a new character.
The other thing is the speed at which it all happens. It's not that things are glossed over, but we don't get endless scenes of the heroine doubting herself and her lover spread out over multiple episodes (like in Fushigi Yuugi). No, things are happening, and most plots are resolved within two or three episodes. This fast pacing keeps your attention, and keeps the series interesting.

Visually, the series isn't that great. The character designs are OK (though 'flat Sae' is really bizarre!), the animation is passable but not great. But then again, this series doesn't rely on the animation.
Music is merely OK, but the voice acting is pretty good. The emotions are conveyed very well, without sounding too corny or contrived.

All in all, I had a good time watching this. The ending gives a satisfying conclusion to Momo's Search For Love.

Whenever I watch an anime like that, I am left to wonder just how representative this is for the life of the average Japanese teenager. Are they really that bad about communicating with eachother? (About 75% of the romantic mishaps could have been avoided if they would just say to eachother just what was up.) Is the 'first kiss' really that big of a thing?
I am aware that it is an over-dramatisation of reality, but it leaves me wondering just what is the kernel of reality and what is the added drama.
I'm just glad I didn't have a high-school life like that, though. :)

Good points:
- Good voice acting;
- Fast-paced storytelling without glossing over the plot;
- Good ending.
Bad points:
- Oh, the DRAMA!

I prefer Peach Girl over slow-paced shoujo anime. I had a good time watching it -- and I'm not a fan of soap opera. If you're allergic to shoujo love drama, stay clear, because this is it in it's purest form. Otherwise, check it out! I give it an 8.
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