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Apparently, 'Holland' (but I'm guessing they really meant the whole of the Netherlands) has it's own tartan. It's been registered and all, so now Dutch people can confidently wear a kilt without having to pretend they're from some clan they don't belong to.

The bad news is that the design is dull and uninspiring. OK, so it is tartan, so don't expect a nice floral print or something. But come on, if the best you could come up with is to take red, white, blue and orange because that's the colors of the national flag (and the ribbon), I'm not so impressed with your designing sk1llz. In the end, it is a blue/orange monstrosity that clashes horribly.
But then again, I don't think Dutch males are supposed to have a fashion sense, so there's not a big loss there.

Make sure you watch the photos of two brothers wearing kilts of the tartan. They look ridiculous.

(klik's parents sent me a scanned newspaper clipping about this.)
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