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Cocktail party...

When we visited klik's uncle a few weeks ago for his birthday, klik spent most of the afternoon chatting with a couple. Her uncle was involved with the apothecary of a hospital, and he befriended (and helped) this guy set up his own business of repairing medical instruments on-site.
Towards the end of the evening, I was involved with the discussion, but it was shortly before we went home so I didn't really get a 'feel' for these people. When we were about to leave, he invited us over for a cocktail party in his back garden (he built a bar there!) this past saturday.

Normally, one would bring a bottle of wine to a party, but if the host has a bar in the back of his garden, chances are that he isn't short of a bottle of wine. So, in keeping with a tradition that only I care about, we decided to build a binary LED clock. I was a bit concerned that he wouldn't like it -- would someone who doesn't even have a computer at home appreciate the nerdiness? Would someone who inlaid (laid in?) tiny pieces of gold in his wife's watch be charmed by the clumsy self-built stuff?

Apparently, he was. He plugged it in immediately and showed it to everybody who was present. They said six times that they were very happy with the gift, which in turn made me very happy. But now I have to write a manual on how to read a clock like that...
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