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La douce France

Wednesday, we left for France. We met up with babarage and her dad, and xaviar_nl and gertvr somewhere below Maastricht, just in Belgium -- and we set off towards greener pastures in convoy. The trip included a short stop in Martelange and some shopping in Montmedy -- and then we arrived in Brandeville.
Brandeville is a very small village in the Lorraine (Google Earth placemark here), a bit to the north from Verdun. babarage's parents co-own a building that was the local pub/restaurant/hotel. It doesn't have this function anymore, but there are enough rooms to accomodate visitors.

We had a wonderful time. There is absolutely nothing to do in Brandeville -- so that is precisely what we did. I read more than I did in the past six months, lots of Sudoku were played. We had hauled a huge pile of games with us, but only Fairy Tale and Alhambra. We also managed to pull off two games of Kubb, but that was it.

We had a leisurely stroll around the village (guided by a photo quest), we made a trip to Verdun and a hypermarché -- and for the rest we lounged about the house, aided Jan with picking the little fruit that had come to fruition this year, and did nothing. Very, very relaxing!

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