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New anime

We've checked out a new bunch of anime series recently.

First off: Ichigo Mashimaro. The series details the 'adventures' of four elementary school girls (though in the first episode we only meet three) and the elder sister of one of them, a college student. There's quite a bit of subtle humour in it, and the girls are all quite cute and/or genki.
There are no life-moving plots in this one (the first episode is about making a birthday present for the elder sister), but these 'small' stories often provide the best comedy.

Second: Play Ball. It's a spinoff of an anime from '83, which is why the character designs look absolutely ghastly. It's about Takao who, during some epic baseball match, injured his finger -- which means he never can pitch again. Every day, he watches the baseball club at his school practice, but when he comes home it is as if baseball doesn't exist -- his father quickly changes the channel if he's watching a match when Takao comes in. The captain of the soccer club asks Takao to join, and he practices like mad to become a good soccer player.
It's a sports anime, and it seems to be about baseball -- so I guess this soccer stint won't last too long. Designs are simplistic and fugly, and the animation isn't that good either. If you are a die-hard fan of sports anime, then it might be interesting for you. All others do best to avoid it.

Third: Ojamajo Doremi Naisho. Probably the latest incarnation of a media property that has existed for quite some time -- because there is no sort of introduction whatsoever, and the first episode jumps straight into the plot.
Aparently it's about four elementary school girls who run a bakery/teahouse -- while secretly being witches. They fly across the sky on their brooms, and they can make themselves appear ten years older through their magic. The first episode has them trail a cycling trip by a few boys from school -- a trip where everything goes wrong, but luckily the witches are able to save the day!
It's cute and energetic, but due to the lack of any sort of introduction or explanation, it's hard to get into.

Fourth: School days. It's an OVA that was produced to promote a dating sim with the same name.
Makoto is a shy boy, who always watches a certain girl on the train-ride to school. This turns out to be Kotonoha, who is in the class next door. A friend of Makoto, Sekai, teases him with his unrequited love, and offers her help in meeting Kotonoha. She sets up lunch dates with the three of them, and so Makoto gets to meet Kotonoha.
It's based on a dating sim, so you can guess what happens. But this OVA is quite nicely done: the visuals are really good. There isn't too much animation, but what there is, is also of good quality. Of course, this being a promo, there is no sort of resolution -- but I would definately watch a full series based on this.

Fifth: Petopeto-san. A middle school outside the city teaches humans and 'special race' students equally. 'Special race' means that some boys and girls have special powers: for instance there's a kappa (who, obviously, can swim very good).
A new transfer student is a 'petopeto': when she thinks something is cute/sad/adorable, it sticks to her. Only after a night's sleep will it get unstuck. During a swimming lesson, she slips and falls into the swimming pool. Shingo tries to catch her, but he falls in after her -- and their hands are stuck together. The teacher sends them home to take a nap, which they never get around to...
It's cute and well-animated. And it's interesting, I'm curious as to what the powers of the other 'special race'-students are.
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