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Slave to the Audio

The sign of true mastery is that one is able to do complicated things while making them seem simple for the layman.
Case in point: Audioslave. With members of Soundgarden and Rage against the Machine, how could it be bad? Well, yes, we knew it was going to be good, but I wasn't prepared for this good.

At first listen, it's 'just' like the music Soundgarden used to make, maybe a little edgier than their work on 'Superunknown'. Nothing special, nothing we hadn't heard before, right? But when you listen it for the third and fourth time, you hear just how tightly the songs are written, and how every instrument has just the right timing, how the drums and the bass set a tight rythm that the other instruments follow after just the right interval. Or how the rythm subtly changes to leave more 'room' for a guitar solo.

I wish I played the drums. I wish I could play the drums to go with 'Man or Animal'. Maybe next year I'll do a drum course.
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