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X: The movie

Sunday, jangerben came over. I cooked curry, as has become a bit of a tradition. I tried out a new curry paste. Bhuna is a bit spicier than balti or rogan josh, but still pleasant. I still like rogan josh the best, though.

We had hired Immortel, the Enki Bilal movie based on his Nikopol trilogy. However, the copy we got had lots of greasy fingerprints and was badly scratched -- if it didn't crash, it skipped, on both the MACH F and the PS2.
We wanted to see all of this movie, so we decided to return it to the Cinematheek and get another copy.

Instead, we popped in X: The Movie. We have had this laying on our shelves for a few years now, but never gotten around to watching it. All of us really liked the TV series that came out in 2001. I knew that the movie consisted mostly of fights, and that it was generally considered not the best incarnation of the X property.

Still, it's CLAMP, so how bad could it be, eh? Well, pretty bad.
Indeed, the movie consists of a virtually endless sequence of fights. And these are not the clean fights of the TV series. No, blood spatters everywhere. There is very little time and space for character development, and Kotori gets seriously shorthanded: her role in the whole movie is to die multiple times...
Pretty depressing, but very nicely animated.

I don't think I would recommend this to anyone but the die-hard X fans who want to see it all.
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