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I really like watching a throw-away action movie in the evening. Just switch off your brain and don't try to fall through all the plot-holes -- which sometimes is pretty hard because, while you're stumbling around, it can be hard to avoid the plot-holes that are often large enough to drive a ten-tonnes trucks through.
Anyway, yesterday evening it was Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Just who thinks up those titles I don't know, but they are probably overpaid.

The plot is virtually non-existant. Dive down to some hidden temple, get beaten up by baddies and lose the treasure, hunt them down, go somewhere else, kick baddie ass, all is well in the world again. Oh, and do it all dressed in skin-tight suits, if you please. And there is a very, very thin veneer of a romantic plot -- but not too much, of course.

The odd thing is that Lara Croft gets 'hired' by MI-6. Who in their right mind would hire an insufferable show-off and adrenaline junkie to do their dangerous work for them? Instead of just getting on with the mission in a professional and unobtrusive manner, Lara and her companion pull off reckless stunts that serve no purpose whatsoever, thereby endangering themselves, each other and the mission -- and attracting unwanted attention.

Fun enough for a rental, but it sure doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. But then again, I hadn't expected that.
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