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New anime!

Checked out the first episode of two new anime series today.

First was Read or Die, the TV. We get dropped into the action immediately, when an attempt is made at the life of a Japanese author visiting Hong Kong. Her guides protect her, and we get a little peek into the life of an author who hasn't written anything in the last four years.
The guides' house is full of books! They have a spunky little sister! And all three of them have the same ability as The Paper! The villain(s) are twisted and weird! What's not to like? ;)
Liked this a lot. Visual style is really good, especially considering this is a TV series.
Yes, I know it's already licensed, but apparently that doesn't stop some groups from subbing it. I'll probably pick up the DVD's eventually.

Next was Rumic Theatre. We've tried to watch this before, but the encoding was horrible which rendered the episode unwatchable. Live-Evil also subbed it, and delivers consistent quality, so I got those episodes this time around.
Rumic Theatre is a collection of short stories. I don't think there's a connecting theme, except that they are all from the same manga-ka. The first episode is about a family who has to look after a penguin -- but the apartment building they live in has a strict anti-pet policy! Interesting hijinks ensue as the mother of the family has to keep the penguin hidden from her nosy neighbour!
Liked this too. We get a glimpse of everyday life, mixed with some weirdness. I'm really looking forward to seeing the other episodes too.

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