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I have been slacking off with respect to the reviewing of new anime. Time to get crackin' again!

We've seen Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge, which is actually two series in one. First is 'Love Pheromone', about a duo of female comedians who are markedly unfunny. They want to become famous (in order to get all the young girls and boys!), but they need to have more people know them by name. In order to do that, they have obtained a license and a mecha from some sort of Galactic Police, and as Love Pheromone they stamp out crime (quite literally).
The second half is about five sisters whose parents were evil minions. Their father tells them to become 'excellent evil', and when the sisters unleash a tiny demon, they receive magical powers in order to become excellent evil. Of course, the sisters are much too kind and cute to become evil.
The first half is very loud and bouncy and ecchi, the seond half is not that interesting -- and of course the two stories will come together sometime. But I won't be around to see it.

There was Koi Koi 7. A boy is transferred to an all-girls school. Instantly, he becomes a pawn in a fight between the president of the school council and an assorted bunch of misfits. The misfits defend him when the president attacks him with a host of mecha!
When a series start off with a fight between two girls on a bicycle and several attack helicopters -- and the bicycle girls win in various panty-exposing attacks, you know that it will be hard to take this series seriously. Which in itself isn't that bad, but the whole thing just didn't make an impression on us.

Pani Poni Dash is about an 11-year old girl who becomes a teacher on a middle school. Sound familiar? Well, this isn't Negima by a long shot. The class is populated by a set of girls and what looks like a bunch of cardboard cutouts. Lots of shouting and energetic antics and chibi versions of the girls doing various things in the corner of the image. And it isn't even funny.

Gun X Sword tells the story of Van, a wandered through a sort-of Wild West planet. In a town which is under siege from the gang of Lucky Roulette, he meets Windy. Van tries to stay out of the whole situation, but ends up fighting on the side of the civilians. Of course, Windy and Van end up travelling together -- he to take revenge on someone, she to search her lost brother.
Great visuals, and quite evocative of Cowboy Bebop -- only it has mecha, and no spaceships.

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo is another series that focusses on a maried couple. This time, the wife is not a schoolgirl, but a magical girl. Ureshiko defends the peace in a small town ever since she was little, but now that she has grown up and married (her 'costume' has gotten to small for her at, eh, certain areas) she is set to be replaced by a younger girl.  But it doesn't go all as she had planned.
Rather fanservice-heavy, and there are no hints at some deeper backstory that will be explored.
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