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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I am part of a group that calls itself 'the vets'. It's the group of people who made up the 'events commission' of Thalia, the studen association for Computer Science at the University of Nijmegen -- back in '91 and '92.
We held parties for our group, binges that featured lots of weed, vodka-jus d'orange and garlic butter. And movies -- preferrably Monty Python and the Holy Grail, for historical reasons. Parties of epic, nay, mythical proportions.

Eventually, people graduated, started their graduation projects, started their own companies or started a wholly different studies. We passed the stick over to the next generation -- thus becoming self-proclaimed 'vets'.

Last week, a flurry of emails was exchanged: with the movie of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe out, it was inevitable that the vets would once more convene to watch a movie. This time in a movie theatre, with a cup of coffee before the movie. It was great fun to see most of the gang again.

What can I say about the movie? It was OK, not great. But then again I seem to be a bit excentric for not liking the books/radio show overly much. I have the same with the Discworld novels: heaping bizarre stuff upon bizarre stuff just for the heck of it just isn't really my thing.
Anyway, I liked the visual jokes best. The animations that the Guide displays are hilarious. And, to the screenwriter's credit, there is an actual plot. Go figure.

Afterwards, we retired to a café, and, in contrast with my best intentions, it was 3 AM before I was in bed. I slept 5 hours and then got up to work. I managed to pull through better than I had expected, actually. I think I'll hit the sack early tonight, though.
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