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While browsing, I came across an (unofficial) Final Fantasy RPG. Might be a good candidate for running a geekfestnl RPG session, but it is quite mechanistic, and I'm not sure I want to inflict that on first-time players. Heck, I don't want to inflict it on myself.
Also, it is probably a bad thing if your players know more about the style of a game than you do -- so it's unlikely that I will use that particular one.

There is, of course, the old RoleMaster 2nd edition standby, which is quite easy on the players (with pre-generated characters) and which I know inside-and-out (well, the relevant bits anyway). It also comes with a Tolkien-like (or, if you have the old Middle Earth modules, genuine Tolkien) world-view, which is easy for lovers of fantasy to slip into.
That might actually be my safest bet -- I could concentrate on the story aspects and not on the rules.

That being said, something more rules-light might be even better suited, so as not to confuse the players with too much rules and stats and numbers. FUDGE might be that rules-light system, but there is also the exceedingly simple system from Over the Edge -- but perhaps that has a too coarse granularity to be of much use.

Maybe I should check out chadu's PDQ system which he uses in his own projects. It sounds cool, and it might be a bit easier than FUDGE to use in a descriptive manner.
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