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Photo hosting?

As most of you will know, paultje lives in Denmark. Which means that the grandparents of her children don't get to see their grandchildren as often as they would wish.
Luckily, there are things like digital cameras that make it possible to send pictures of the children over the internet to the grandparents. Until recently, she used HP's service for this, but that has been shut down. In it's place is Snapfish, which works nicely enough for showing pictures.

However, the grandparents sometimes want to print out those photos. And while HP's old service provided pictures of a high-enough resolution to make that possible, Snapfish does not.

Does anyone know of a photo hosting service that allows for high-resolution downloads, preferrably free and easy to use?

And LJ needs to add 'inquisitive' to the standard sets of moods!
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