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Movie: Resident Evil

So, while we're watching action flicks from '03, why stop at Underworld? So we also watched Resident Evil.

When watching the movie, you know that a fright-effect is on it's way, and I still jump when it happens. I guess I have a bad conscience.
The plot is pretty thin but harbours some neat twists and turns that get too little screen time. Milla Jovovich is nice enough to look at, but the movie seems a bit rushed at times. One moment, the group is beset by hordes of slavering zombies, the next they can spend ten minutes talking without being disturbed by any undead wandering by. Apparently the makers wanted to impart some story on to us, and could not find any other way to do it other than have these pieces of dialog in between kicking zombie ass.

The thing that amused me the most is that in the beginning, the Red Queen is made out to be the Big Bad -- but that is not the case! The computer behaves very rationally and as instructed, and is actively working to contain the virus. Red Queen is actually one of the good guys, taking some tough decisions -- until the humans come and mess it all up again.

Enjoyable romp, but it certainly won't go down the ages as the crowning achievement of modern cinema.
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