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iPod madness, reprise

By my previous post, I did not mean to imply that anyone who would buy an iPod is a total idiot.

As some of you have pointed out, some buyers (most?) get one because it's "the thing to do". Herd-mentality like that is completely alien to me, and I have a hard time understanding their motivations. Those consumers do not think their purchase through (thereby, IMO, missing the point) -- but that is their good right. My choices may be different, but if something works for you, great.

Some of you did some research and concluded that the iPod was the right choice for you. If so, great too! I do not hold myself to be the Golden Standard of things, and I totally understand that someone could make different choices than I do.

However, what set off all of my WTF-meters is the fact that someone praised Apple for making it impossible for the user to conduct an operation that is considered pretty mundane on mobile media players. That is just stupid.
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