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Yesterday, we took a membership for the Cinematheek, a chain of video rental stores that specialise in arthouse movies and world cinema. Expect more movie reviews from now -- you have been warned!

The first movie we watched was Underworld. When it came out, people likened the setting to White Wolf's World of Darkness RPG line. I'm not a WoD adept (I only have the second edition Vampire rulebook and never played it), but I knew enough about the setting to be interested.
Back in '03, when the movie came out, White Wolf even sued Sony Pictures, claiming that it was a derivative work. Sony has deeper pockets than White Wolf could ever hope to get, so nothing ever did come out of that, AFAIK.

It is obvious that the producers spent a lot more money on the designs and the make-up effects than they did on the scenario and the acting. And the designs are probably from the bargain bin in the second-hand movie set store -- the Wachowski brothers dumped their stuff there after completing the Matrix trilogy.
Fun enough for a bit of 'leave your brain at home' movie-watching, but it doesn't stand up to close scrutiny.
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