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The gift that was a year in the making

A year ago, we went to the birthday of A., a very close friend of klik. She and her boyfriend had just bought a new house. As you all know, it has become customary to make a binary LED clock whenever I visit someone's new home for the first time, but I did not think that she would appreciate it as much I would want. So, I decided I wanted to make a 'moodlight' with three PWM'ed RGB LEDs for her.
We bought a small case for tea-bags at some cheap store, and klik applied several layers of red paint (one of the walls of their living room is red, and it's almost the same color). And then... nothing happened.

I went to do other projects, and this particular one dropped off my project radar. But when we received an invitation to attend her birthday today, I knew we had to get crackin' and finish up that damn moodlight!
So we did. It doesn't have all the feature I want (yet), but all the hardware is in place. They will be buying a computer soon, and by then I want to make a program that allows them to create their own color-cycles, combining the programs on an EEPROM. I haven't modified the software yet to run off an EEPROM, but the socket and circuitry for one has already been installed. By the time I'm ready for it, I'll just exchange the PIC and add an EEPROM, and they'll be all set.

On to the pictures!

The casing. The 'diffusion screen' is actually a plate of Lexan and rice paper stuck to the back of that. Easier to clean that way, while supplying adequate diffusion.

The insides. In the middle is the PIC16F628A, with an RGB LED next to it. The other two are connected by four wires (R, G, B and ground). On the top of the casing is the power socket (it all runs on 4.5 volts) and the pushbutton (which doesn't have a function as of yet).

I think these are the 'pure' blue, red and green colors.

More colors added to the mix...

Even more colors.

The pictures don't do the colors justice -- they are much more deeper than one would expect from the photos. However, we had to use a small flash, otherwise all of the light would simply blur all through the picture.
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I hope she likes it too.

Yesterday, I took it with me to work to show S. who had asked about LED-based moodlights. Quite a coincidence that he would ask such a thing in the same week we were finishing up a project like this.
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