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Wednesday I bought Rez secondhand, for EUR 20. Since then, I've been playing this great game. Music, movement and colors swirl all around you, making it a unique experience. The game itself is some sort of a shooter, brought back to the bare elements: you have a targetting visor with which you can 'lock on' to upto 8 targets (some things need more than 8 hits to go down), and if you release the targetting button you start shooting.
There are also 'helper items' which upgrade your figure (meaning you can take one more hit) or the 'auto-target' helper item, some of the things shoot missiles at you, etc.

But that's basically it. And I love the game. I've already nearly finished it, but boy is it trippy! It's kind of short, so probably not worth the full EUR 70, but if you can pick it up second-hand, go for it!

Friday, we went to 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. Fun movie, that, though a bit slow on getting started. It would have been a kick-ass Castle Falkenstein game. If you like Steampunk and you have two hours of free time, go see it.

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