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Every day at work, I make a pot of tea for myself. Yes, I have my own private tea stash (Keemun Congou, our 'regular' tea) and my own teapot. Life is too short to drink bad tea. ;)
There is one other tea-drinker at work, S. from Australia. He likes really strong Earl Grey with milk, and apparently we want our tea fix often at roughly the same time because we frequenty meet at the water boiler.

Today, he told me: "The internet tells me you are busy with LEDs." I wonder how the internet told him that -- maybe he found this Journal? But then again, I haven't really posted anything about LEDs in a while...
Anyway, it turns out that his girlfriend wants to buy some Moodlights -- but he thinks they are way overpriced. In his words: "You might as well take ten weeks off without pay and make 'em yourself -- and it would still be cheaper."

So I promised him to bring my current project (which has a deadline of Saturday) to work when it is finished, so that he could see the wonders of RGB LEDs in action. :)
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