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Power cables HOWTO

There is a power plant close to Nijmegen -- klik has quite a few photos of it. Some of that power is transported via overland cables across the river Waal to the north, to supply the villages over there.
Now that Nijmegen has officially crossed the Waal, lots of houses are being built quite close to the overland power cables. Friends of ours bought a house a year ago, a few hundred meters from the power cables. They told us that those cables would be replaced by underground cables soon. When we visited them some time ago, the overland cables had indeed dissapeared.

So, have you asked yourself what it takes to transport that much raw power underground? I know I didn't, but then I read this. And now I know how to build my own power grid in the garden to supply power to all of my outdoor LED projects.
Tags: electricity, engineering

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