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Current microcontroller project

I've started work on a new microcontroller project. I'll be mixing red, green and blue LEDs to 'simulate' RGB LEDs -- only cheaper. If you recall the LEDs I got this January, I shot a photo of the three colors next to eachother, and they produced a nice white light -- so why not use that to make three ultra-bright patches of color?

It's all nicely starting to come together. Yesterday I realised that I could have a serial connect and an I2C EEPROM connected to the driving microcontroller (as always, I'll go with the 16F628A workhorse). I'm such a dork to get all excited about that.

Also, there is a place selling plexiglass plates near Nijmegen -- I'll have to call them up and ask whether they have any frosted white plexi. Oh, and I also need hollow plexi tubes for the poor man's neon installation I plan to erect in the downstairs toilet.
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