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MACH F: Minimod

The case I used as the basis for the MACH F, the black AOpen H340A, has a green LED as power indicator and an orange LED as harddisk-activity indicator. However, I used a black/red theme for the MACH F (the display will be all red LEDs too), and somehow it irritated me to look at those different-colored LEDs.

So I did what I had to do: I changed it.

These are the original LEDs. I took 'em out of their LED holder (an ingenious contraption with a locking mechanism) and unplugged them from the motherboard. The soldering iron is already heating up...

A blurry and slightly over-lit close-up of how things looked after I soldered the red LEDs onto the cables. The LEDs themselves are 'normal' diffused, low-light red LEDs. Next to the red LEDs are the original green and orange LEDs.
If you're going to do this mod yourself, make sure you solder the LEDs on the right way around! But if you're confident enough to start soldering LEDs in the first place, you don't need me to tell you that...

Another overlit and blurry shot, this time of the LEDs back in the case.

A shot of the LEDs installed. The front cover includes a piece of clear plastic that acts as a 'light conduit' -- the same as in the DVD-ROM. Yes, both LEDs are red now, so it is hard to see which is which. Does that matter? The blinking one is the harddisk, the one that's always on is the power LED. ;)
Speaking of the DVD-ROM, that one still has a green activity LED. However, I'm not quite ready yet to pop the cover off that one and replace the LED -- it's an SMD LED. SMD stands for 'Super Mini Diminutive', and I'm scared my soldering skills aren't mature enough to handle the tiny tracks of SMD components -- ruining the whole drive.
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