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New anime

We've checked out some more new anime.

There was Amaenaide yo!. Ikko is an apprentice monk at a Buddhist temple. All the other apprentices are... girls. Ikko isn't very good in chanting sutras or warding off evil spirits -- until he sees a naked girl. Then he 'awakens' and a huge spiritual power is unleashed through his person, vanquishing any evil spirits lurking nearby.
When a series features nudity even before the opening credits started, you know what to expect from the rest. It's a pretty lame excuse for nudity too.

There was Eien no Aseria. Yuto and his younger sister-in-law Kaori go to visit the graves of their parents (Rule #1 of anime: get rid of the parents or any other responsible adult) and end up in another world. Kaori is taken hostage by the king of the land, and he forces Yuto to wield a weird sword in a fight against another kingdom. The rules of both kingdoms use fairies/spirits/elfs (invariably female) to do their fighting for them, and much magic battle mayhem ensues.
It's based on a game, and it shows. There is probably a plot involving the sword (it keeps mumbling 'Accept me!'), but meanwhile we get lots of attractive elves hanging around him. And it's not even that well animated.

There was SHUFFLE!. Ten years ago, the gates between the human world and those of the demons and gods were opened. Since then, demons and gods alike have come to live in the human world like ordinary citizens, though they have special powers and pointy ears. Rin lives with Kaede, his childhood friend, ever since the accident that killed his parents and Kaede's mother (see Rule #1 above). There is some romantic tension between them, but that is downplayed by Rin.
Then, one day, two transfer students are introduced. They are the daughters of the king of gods and the king of demons, respectively. Rin has been selected as a marriage candidate for the both of them, and both kings are determined to have their daughter marry to him. As it turns out, they all have become neighbours...
It threatens to become a harem anime, but the demonic and divine give it an extra twist. Also, it is gorgeously animated.

There was The Ghiblies. It is about a 'fictional' animation studio named 'Ghibli', and the assorted characters that work there. This is what you get when animators make a parody of their colleagues, showing off how they can create character with minimal fuss. Fun and easy-going.
It's not exactly a series, even though there are two 'episodes' out -- the first episode was made in 2000 (it shows photos of the Spirited Away pre-production party), the second episode in 2002...

There was Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid. FMP is back in full swing: we get dropped right into the action as we witness the Urzu squad participating in a mission in some banana republic, evacuating refugees. Things get tense as the local army turns out to have some seriously advanced weaponry at their disposal. Sousuke goes off on his own to neutralise this threat, while his colleagues hold the fort...
The great thing about FMP is the 'realistic' military situations. We were right back into the feel of what modern warfare with mecha would be like. Even though the Mithril AS are more powerful than those of the local army, they are not all-powerful. The tactical considerations are very interesting indeed. And of course, Chidori is available at the end of the episode to serve Sousuke with a smack in the head for some school-related issue.

There was Tide Line Blue. Fourteen years ago, Earth was hit by a catastrophe, and most of the world population has perished. The survivors cling to the few remaining islands, slowly building up their lives, and even forming a new United Nations of sorts. Main character is Keel, a young boy who scams unsuspecting sailors out of their money. But then Gould, a naval officer who got tired of the bickering between the 'nations' of the new UN, attacks the island in an attempt to unify the whole world under his reign. And to top things off, Keels friend (girlfriend?) has to give birth in the middle of the attack!
An interesting series, to say the least. It has a distinct Kenran Butoh Sai-feel, which is promising.

Finally, there was Suzuka. Yamato starts living with his aunt who is the manager of an all-female apartment complex. He pays his way by doing various chores (mainly cleaning the bath). He meets Suzuka, the girl next door (literaly!) who is on the school's jumping team. She is insecure about meeting the high expectations of those around her.
A sports anime with a twist. I'm sure the romance between Yamato and Suzuka will deepen, complicated by the various indiscrete female students living in the complex and Suzuka's jumping carreer.
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