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Last thursday, I bought a toy. A EUR 75 toy.

After buying The Bed, isabelgou took us into Vandal ComX, a few doors down of the bed shop. It was like the usual comic store, so I wandered around a bit, looked at the T-shirts (briefly contemplated a Punisher T-shirt, but decided against it -- I like my shirts quirky rather than bloodthirsty). Then I saw what was in the display case: a model of Hikaru's VF-1A -- and it was transformable.

So I bought it. It was a second-hand model, and while it included all the accessories, it didn't come with the box or transformation instructions. It took me a few days, but I have succeeded in transforming it into all three configurations. It's only a pity that it isn't really that stable in GERWALK (Robotech adepts read 'Guardian') configuration.

Of course, since this is the 2001 Bandai model, there have been other toys that are much bigger and more articulated. The 1/48 scale Yamato model seems much more impressive, but the drab brown 'Production colors' version already costs a hefty USD 220. And that is just much more than I am willing to spend on a toy.

I am pretty pleased with the model -- it's very articulated, robust and hefty. It's a pleasure to handle it.
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