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New anime

We've checked out another bunch of new anime.

There was The Snow Queen. Next to a charming village somewhere northern and mountainy, there is a forest. Sometimes, the villagers can hear a bell rining from within the forest. Rumour has it that there is a church in the middle of the forest -- but since the forest is impenetrable, no-one has ever seen it. Gerda and Kay, two kids, venture into the forest to find it.
It has a very 'Hansel and Gretel'-like story. Designs are not that great, and the 'all-knowing narrator' is pretty irritating. We're going to watch a second episode before we reach a final verdict.

There was Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken TV. In Kyoto, monsters live alongside with humans -- as long as they have a license. Unlicensed monsters are brought up by the 'Kidou Shinsengumi'-corporation. Of course, the warriors of the corporation are all bueatiful females with hot tempers. One day, the son of the company director returns home from a long absence, and he has a run-in with some of them...
It wasn't that interesting -- it promises to become a 'monster of the week'-show, alternated with rivalry between the company and the princess, sprinkled with some antics between the female warriors and the director's son. Takahashi Rumiko's designs are looking positively dated too.

There was Sasuga no Sarutobi, which is technically not new but is only now being fansubbed. The series is from '82, and it shows. Computer-aided animation has helped a lot to make modern animation look so much more slick and dynamic, it seems.
Nikumaru ('Meatball') is being transferred to the Ninja Academy! Mako, his childhood friend and daughter of the principal, is absolutely delighted that he has returned -- but to prove his worth, Nikumaru has to steal a scroll from the toughest teacher! Hilarity ensues as Nikumaru uses trickery and deceit to get what he wants.
It's dated allright, but if you like some slapstick with your ninjas, then this might be for you.
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